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       XD-EGEMAC  is a Joint Venture Company established on
       2009 by two shareholders China XD and EGEMAC Egypt,
       located in el Ain el Sokhna, Egypt, provides its H.V. Products
       to the domestic market in Egypt and other countries in Africa
       & Middle East according to the latest technologies & quality
       control system with enthusiastic and expert engineers and
       employees, specialized in:
       •  66 KV  up to  550  KV Gas  Insulated metal  enclosed
        Switchgear (GIS).
       • 66 KV up to 550 KV Power Transformer.
       • Power Capacitors and Lighting Arresters, etc.
       • Dry Type Transformer.
                                                                       XD-EGEMAC  is also one of the
       XD-EGEMAC had successfully finished four substations of
                                                                       leading companies in the field of EPC
       Benban 1,2,3,4 GIS type 3x175 MVA turnkey basis, which
                                                                       projects for high voltage substations &
       will be operated through the Egyptian power grid with the
                                                                       transmission  lines through a good
       beginning  of  2018,  dozens  of  Substation  &  Power
                                                                       experience  in the Egyptian Market of
       Transformers, awarded to  XD-EGEMAC  with a  different
                                                                       the high voltage substations as:
       capacities & voltage ratings.
                                                                       • Extension El mattar 220/66 kV S/S.
       XD-EGEMAC had completely finished establishing the first
                                                                       • Extension of Damietta CCPP by 66
       Power Transformer Factory in Egypt & Middle East had the
                                                                         kV GIS.
       manufacturing capability  up to  550  KV,  250  MVA.  by
                                                                       •  Banha  East  220/66/11  kV  S/S  with
       Egyptian workforce & on Egyptian soil with a full integrated
                                                                         3x175 MVA Transformers.
       Chinese technologies & comprehensive training programs
       to  assure high quality &  excellent services before  &  after   •  Hadba  (2)  220/66/11 KV S/S, GIS
       sales for long term co-operation based on the existence in        TYPE S/S 63 KA, 2x175 MVA + 4x40
       the Middle Eastern market.                                        MVA Power Tr.
                                                                       • BENBAN (1, 2, 3, 4) S/S 220/22/22
                                                                         KV 3x175 MVA, GIS TYPE Turnkey
                                                                        XD-EGEMAC is  your  future  reliable
                                                                          partner, who carefully studies your
                                                                            needs then bring you the absolute
                                                                              convincing    solutions    with
                                                                               maximum quality & reliability of
                                                                                 our products.

       Economical & Industrial Development Zone at El-Ain El-Sokhna, North West of Suez Gulf
       Tel.: +2062 3597033/4/5/6/7   Fax: +202 23590673  - E-mail: [email protected]
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