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ىلع ظفاحنل ًاعم
                                                   ىلع ظفاحنل ًاعم
      The right solution for all
                                     اـهـتـقاط و رصم دراوم
                                     اـهـتـقاط و رصم دراوم
                    your requirements.

          Enroll in Energy University today
          for FREE and learn how to conserve
          Even while the economic crisis impacts
          all business segments, the consumption                    و ةقاطلا كلاهتسإ تلادعم ضيفختل ًاعم
          of energy is projected to continue to rise                   .ءابرهكلا نم رصم دراوم ىلع ةظفالمحا
          dramatically, pressuring businesses,
          governments and consumers alike.
                                                                     ةييمداكأ عقوبم اناجم  قاحتللإا كنكيم نلآا
          Now for the good news: Schneider Electric
          can help you guide your company through                     نم ةدافتسلإا و ةقاطلل كيرتكلا ردينش
          these difficult times with Energy University.
                                                                ريفوت ةيفيك يف ةصصختلما ةيبيردتلا جماربلا
          Energy University is a web-based, on                 ىنابلما ، ةينكسلا، ةيعانصلا تلاالمجا يف ةقاطلا
          demand resources for anyone interested in                                 .ةيتحتلا ةينبلا و ةيرادلاا
          energy efficiency and conservation.

          With Energy University›s online courses,                 لاجم ىف ًادئار نوكتل كتوفت ةصرفلا عدت لا
          you can train leaders within your business
          to become champions of energy efficiency.                    ردينش عقوم ةرايزب مق ، ةقاطلا رـيـفوت
                                                                88334T دوكلا لخدأ مـث كيرتكلا
         Enroll today !
         Classes are FREE, for a limited time only!
         Visit and enter the keycode 88334T.

         For more information, call Customer Care Center 19775
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