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Freelance process control system. The better way

          to run your process.

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                                  ABB’s Freelance system combines the best of two worlds – DCS and PLC. It
                                  combines PLC size and price with functionality of a DCS. The integrated environment
                                  facilitates engineering, commissioning, maintenance and eldbus management. The
                                  intuitive operator interface enables easy operation and diagnostics of the entire

                                  Freelance is proven in more than 14,000 applications - in all industries.
                                  The process control system allows the integration of all common eldbuses,
                                  leaving the user to select any they wish – whether FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS,
                                  or HART. The system was and will be continuously improved and enhanced to meet
                                  our user’s needs.

     ABB Electrical Industries (ABB Arab) S.A.E
     Control Technologies Cairo, Egypt
     Phone: (+202) 2625 1709
     Call Centre: 19290
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